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Misha Song

inspired by this post (sorry about the quality).

here’s a Misha

there’s a Misha

and another laughing Misha

funny Misha

scary Misha

Misha Nicolas Cage

Misha Misha

trenchcoat Misha

Jared, Jensen, Mark, and Misha

Misha Misha tumblr Misha

Misha Nicolas Cage

I was once an Angel

but then I ran away

I travel around with two hunters

Destiel is great

Heaven’s causing too much stress

I want to be free

Now let’s get some cheeseburgers

They make me so happy

did you ever see a Misha

kiss a Misha

on the Misha

Misha’s Misha

tastes of Misha

Misha Nicolas Cage

Half a Misha

Twice a Misha

Twitter Misha

Father Misha

Misha in your car

Alarm a Misha

Nicolas Cage

is that how it goes now

tumblr is dead

everywhere I seem to look

there is Misha’s head

now my song is getting tired

I’m in a cracky bliss

time to sit back and enjoy

the Mishapocalypse

EDIT: Download now available here.