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please give me three of your favourite colours, two of your favourite actors/celebs/people of fame, and one of your favourite fandoms.

just trust me.


also, if you did not request a card before but would like one, speak up! :D

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    I like pink and green and black. I love me some Thor and some Tenth Doctor. And gotta go with the ever classic HP fandom
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    Blue, red, navy… Billie piper and Benedict cumberbatch. And the doctor who fandom? :D
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  4. amyhasmoved said: Blue, green, Karen Gillan, Matt Smith, Doctor Who?
  5. sasslett said: Purple, red, black, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, the Avengers?
  6. accioraggedyman said: Oh dear.. And Karen Gillan. I adore her too.
  7. unrealisticandnarcissistic said: blue, purple, light green! Tom Hiddleston and Errrr Rebecca hall. Fandom… HARRY POTTER??? Idk. Or Sherlock. Or Avengers. You can choose?