"We could call ourselves the Bonapartiers! Because we bring the parrtyyyy!"


When a character is your son, your husband and you at the same time you know you’re fucked



"Each one you buy is a bullet in the barrel of you best guy’s gun!"








I have a few copies of “Playboy” from the 1970s stashed away somewhere. One of them has a letter where a guy writes in saying, “I met this really gorgeous, sweet woman, and we were planning to get married, but she sat me down yesterday and told me that she had a sex change before she met me. Mr. Hefner, should I marry someone who used to be a man?” and the response was, “So she had a sex change, big whoop. Would you be asking this question if she’d made any other change in her life before she met you? You love the woman she is now, and that’s all that should matter. If you want kids you can adopt or something.”

I feel so conflicted right now

That awkward moment when Hugh Hefner is more trans-positive than most feminists of the same era. 



Kristen Bell

need to figure out how exactly I’m gonna do this blog/vlog science thing >:d


Kristen Bell Photoshoots: [8/?]

Dont ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go.



Some people theorize that one extra factor that made the Titanic sink was added weight from loads and loads of time-travelers attempting to prevent it from sinking.

#how to paradox


relationship goals

i'm so glad you're obsessed with thomas brodie-sangster. i've had a crush on him since nanny mcphee came out and literally no one i know fancies him cause he looks so young or even knows of him. he's fuckin adorable. idec. —thelyonnessheart


Oh babe! I know your feel. He’s tremendously under-appreciated. ALSO HIS AGE JESUS I spend 95% of my time looking at him but no one can convince me that he’s 24. He has the skin of a fucking newborn child and you can basically fit a continent in his thigh gap. And he has absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever.


What the fuck are you wearing, Thomas. And I mean even when he tries to look older it’s like ahhaa nope sorry bro you’re still twelve.


No one can convince me okay nO ONE.