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"To live would be an awfully big adventure."

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Banye, an adorable 11-year-old British Shorthair who lives in Shanghai with his owner winnnie,  looks perpetually surprised thanks to a patch of dark fur strategically grown beneath his mouth.

strategically grown beneath his mouth

I know you can breed animals for certain characteristics, but I had no idea that patches of fur was now one of them.

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My boss wanted to see my tattoo (the anti-possession one) today and he was like “What possessed you to get that?!” and I just


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i went on my mums facebook page and thats my dad sticking a golf club up his boss’ ass but i think my favourite part is my mums comment 

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Girls, romanticize yourselves. You are a queen. You are a warrior. You are an enchantress. You are a mermaid. You are a goddess. You are all of these things and more, you are the stuff of fairytales. 

Women, traumatize others. You are a dragon. You are a wolf. You are a bump in the night. You are the last thing they see in the darkness. You are all of these things and more, you are the heart of their fucking nightmares.

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In which a wild, aroused Castiel appears

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all I’m saying is the ratio of “single/lonely/sexually frustrated” posts to “in a relationship/probably less sexually frustrated” posts on my dash is unequal and I need more of the second kind on my dash

also nsfw stuff, to be totally honest

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someone uploaded one of my posts to pinterest, ahahaha heck yes

edit: TWO of my posts! xD

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*Remus and Tonks losing Teddy in a crowded place*

"What does your son look like?"

"Good question"